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What does sustainability in a fashion brand mean to you? Your clothing that’s made with natural fiber? Your order packed up with eco-friendly materials and not in plastic? Your new piece that was ethically made knowing the people behind the label? Knowing that your new piece was created without creating waste?

We, at Vegan Resort Wear are enjoying the different aspects of how to build and run a sustainable business in the United States. We just started this journey, but we are so eager to learn more ways, and incorporate them in to our business. From the beginning we started the best available and practical ways to reduce our footprint on Earth. 


Why Produce Local?

- Best Craftsmanship -

Since we moved our production to New York, we are able to maintain the best ethical and sustainable practices possible. We wanted to produce local, and give back to our economy. Our brand will always be about high-quality craftsmanship while trying to make our prices affordable for you, our customers who are trying to transition to a more ethical wardrobe.

- Exclusive -

We like to produce limited quantities because we think the more clothes we make the less sustainable we become. We are all about exclusivity. We are working with people who have been in garment production for more than 20 years so we can make sure we will receive the highest quality materials and products at the best price.

- Sustainable -

Since we have full control over what we and how we produce, it helps us to minimize our waste. We work with our factory side by side, they have great understanding on how we are running our business. After the production takes place, we receive and collect all the leftover scraps of fabrics that cannot be used to make a new garment, and we will be making matching new linen headbands for you guys to match with your new pieces.


Why Linen?

- Exceptional Quality -

We just LOVE linen. All our resort wear pieces are handcrafted with love using the highest quality linen. Linen is a fine fiber extracted from the stems of the flax plant. Flax grows naturally, requiring less water than cotton and when flax plant is used almost nothing goes to waste. Also, linen is easy on your skin and to Mother Earth because it doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Linen is recyclable, biodegradable, and an eco-friendly fabric.

- Luxurious -

Linen is a prestige fiber as a result of its limited production and relatively high cost. It has many unique and desirable characteristics like its body, strength, durability, low piling, listing tendencies and pleasant hand. Because it’s so durable, it lasts longer than many other materials. Linen is perfect fabric for warm-weather wear, as it has high moisture regain, and also a good conductor of heat.

- Eco-Friendly - 

The process to make linen, takes a lot of time and work, that makes this great fabric more expensive compared to others. We are receiving our linen from European mills that have a much lower ecological footprint and higher quality compared to linen produced in China. We value natural fabric, and will always be searching for the best quality possible. Do you know how harmful on our environment when our clothing made of blend fibers? Blended fibers may help that particular garment’s performance but in the long term, once you are done with that clothing, it’s nearly impossible to recycle it, because the difference types of fibers cannot be separated properly. Not to mention that, if your garment has polyester in, while you wash your clothes tiny, human hair like fibers are polluting our ocean system.

Why Love Vegan Resort Wear?

- Versatile -

Because like most of us, we are passionate about traveling around the world, and the happiest when it’s summer and we can start planning our next getaway. Some people find it easy to pack but a lot of other people find it difficult, especially if you like me, love fashion and sustainability. We, at Vegan Resort Wear make sure all of our pieces can be mixed and matched, that they are lightweight, easy to pack (so you can just grab a carry-on and travel stress-free) and look great!

- High Quality -

We cannot compete with fast fashion companies’ prices, but we can offer you long-lasting clothes, that are not based on trends that come and go, but on (life)styles that will be practical and versatile. We can offer you the highest quality craftsmanship and products. All of our resort wear collections are made in New York, by people who have been working with our factory for over 20 years. We know who made your clothes, and we empower them. Our production team is treated with the highest respect, making sure they are getting above average wages, and giving them flexible hours so they will have more opportunity to spend time with their loved ones.

- Always Vegan -

We will always offer you the most sustainable, ethical, and vegan products as much as we possibly can. Our team keeps researching the best available sustainable resources for our online store; that includes but is not limited to: shipping boxes, packaging materials, marketing inserts and hang tags to provide with the story of your orders.

- Socially Responsible -

We have partnered up with many non-profit organizations, and we will keep building new relationships as we grow. We have teamed up with Born Free Pet Shelter and Debris Free Oceans organizations in Miami where we donate some of our profits to contribute back to the society.