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Vegan Resort Wear is a high end, luxury and sustainable label
for the modern and eco-conscious souls. 

Hey, I'm Edina! In 2017 I left my visual merchandising job in the fashion industry to work on my own dreams: becoming a modern and compassionate #girlboss and launching Vegan Resort Wear.

I'm passionate about tropical climates, animals, and fashion, and from my upbringing in Hungary I came to love traveling at a very early age. I would take trips with my family around Hungary and then later, around Europe. Travelling always came naturally to me, and because of my other passion, fashion, I decided to come to New York City, one of the fashion capitals of the world.

I grew fond of Fashion at an early age as well, my Grandmother introduced me to different fabrics and manipulating them to form something beautiful.

Combining my two passions in travelling to New York City, I spent days in the Garment District, studying new trends and applying them to her work.

I also have a third passion, animals. It was this passion that drove me to take up a vegan lifestyle over 4 years ago. Since then, my lifestyle has changed as I've adapted to new ways of looking at veganism and have also applied this change to my clothing. Edina thought, “Why not apply the same ethics we fight for for animals, and use them when we think about how our clothing is made?”  This is something I think about with every piece of clothing or accessory in the store.

Each of our products are hand-made by artisans, who create our products in good working environments and earn fair wages. Vegan Resort Wear products are also PETA approved, meaning that no harm has come to any animals in the making of anything we sell.

It was my three big passions that created a drive in my to develop a one-stop shop for the ethical traveller (like myself.) We invite you to take part in our mission of creating a better world and treating all living things equally.

With Love,