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People, transparency, sustainability, and ethical practices are the key factors we build our brand on. We cannot imagine growing Vegan Resort Wear without making sure that we try to implement the latest eco-friendly developments which help to make our garments as sustainable as possible. 



We cannot imagine not seeing our garment makers from week to week, or being with them by their work desk while our pieces are in the making, or even just going over to our friendly garment artists and saying hi to them! It has been a miracle to see how this has started from just an idea, to a whole new, real-life product!



From creating many patterns and samples until we found the perfect one, to spending days finding the highest quality of linens, to searching all over the world to find the highest and most durable zippers, to spending hours in fittings to find the best fit and style; this process was amazing to see how from a sketch a new garment was created by the most talented people. 



We feel very honored to be part of this family-run and owned (for more than 20 years) business who produces clothing for many other designer brands including Rag & Bone, Neiman Marcus, Intermix and Saks 5th just to name a few. Our factory is located in Brooklyn, New York, giving new meaning to the term "Made in the USA". Our factory currently employs 26 people, our youngest employee is 38, and the oldest is 68. All our workers have been with us for 20+ years. We are like a family here. We expect everyone to respect everyone (colleagues, vendors, clients) as they are family.



With Love,