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Eco-Travel: Staying at Qbic, London

When we booked our flights to Budapest, we had to face the fact that there was no direct flight to Budapest from New York. We had two options, one is to sit for several hours at the airport waiting for a next flight to Budapest, or to spend one day in London and actually see the city. So we came to the conclusion to stay one day in London, and come up with an idea on how we can see majority of this gorgeous city. We knew we wanted to find an affordable place where we could check-in earlier (our flight landed 10 am) then at other hotels, and of course a hotel that is eco-friendly. After a search we decided to stay at Qbic Hotel in East London that seemed to be the coolest place where a young couple could have a fun time even for a night.
After a train and a subway ride from the Gatwick airport we arrived to this vibrant hotel. When we stepped inside, we were pleased to hear that we could check-in earlier. The lobby has a modern and young vibe to it, while the hanging bicycle made us think young artists decorated the place.
Once we get in to our room we fell in love. Not only we had a giant poster of the cutest dog above our bed, we loved the contemporary and artistic interior and design in the room. The whole room got you think you are in a physician students’ dorm.
  Here’s a few things that make Qbic the greenest hotel in London:
  • installed solar power in our initial refurbishment
  • generate part of our own electricity via solar panels on the roof
  • all the lighting in the hotel is LED and energy efficient
  • water provided in the rooms in London is filtered. No wasteful plastic water bottles!
  • stock natural, environmentally friendly toiletries that are not only luxurious, but also help to provide access to water to communities that don’t have it
  We were super tired and jet-legged so we ended up at the restaurant in the hotel. The interior of the kitchen and bar was just like the whole hotel’s. We really enjoyed the atmosphere, we liked how it had a corner for people to hang out or play board games that were everywhere. As a vegan but very tired to eat I just wanted to take a salad (was assuming the worst I can get :D) I was happy to learn they have a huge selection of vegetarian and vegan items on the menu. They are also super flexible and try to make you satisfied and leave with full tummy!         If you are interested at staying at this hotel or you just want to learn more how this cool hotel eco-friendly click here! Qbic Hotel London City 42 Adler St, Whitechapel, London E1 1EE – We would like to thank to Qbic Team to help us staying at this awesome hotel and we can’t wait to visit the one in Amsterdam during our future trip!

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